Getting healthier no longer has to feel hard, time consuming or something you struggle to prioritize. It's time we make it simple (and something that sticks)! and the best part? Your journey starts here!


The Ultimate Wellness Kickstarter is the best toolkit you can use when starting your journey to get healthier.

I know with all the information out there it can be overwhelming, trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and still make it work personally for you. That’s why I created the Ultimate Wellness Kickstarter. I wanted to simplify everything you’ve ever been exposed to (and left confused by) from diets, to what you see on media and all the misinformation out there with proven recommendations and tangible steps that you can follow and customize to you - specifically. 

Getting healthier no longer has to feel like an endless struggle and cycle you fall on and off of. Instead, it can be fun, insightful and sustainable. You’ll be able to look back at yourself and say, “Wow. I actually did it. And I am so proud of myself for following through and prioritizing me.” 

When it comes to a health journey, there is no “one size fits all” but there are simple strategies that can be you can use today, starting within your home environment, reprogramming personal habits and using new ways to find motivation and goal set you’ve never seen before to fit for you!

Kathie - 1:1 Alumni

I’m 10,000% proud as f*ck that I’ve been sticking to the reset. 100% this is the “healthiest” I’ve ever eaten in my life. My digestion has been unbelievably regular and predictable!

I’m motivated and proud. Again, this is the “healthiest” I’ve ever eaten and I’m proud of that. I feel really good about my food choices.


I’m Sammy. Clinical Oncology Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist turned full-time business CEO Dietitian and Wellness Coach all because I saw the power of what being proactive with your health and well-being can do for your life.

After years of working in this field and watching countless people be “too busy” to take care of themselves until a health scare from being overstressed, overworked, time poor, burnt out and dieting time and time again yet deep down still feeling lost in what to do, not consistent with any effort they’ve made toward getting healthier, still struggling with the same unhealthy habits and ultimately, finding themselves right back where they started – I knew there was something that needed to be done.

And that’s why I am changing the way we act, view and see getting healthier with simple proactive steps you can begin today. And ultimately, that’s why Simply Wellness, my business, was born and where my proactive mission stems – to help you get healthier, from a whole mind, body and soul standpoint in ways you’ve never done it before…and actually stick with it because it’s made for you.

Kayla - 1:1 Alumni

I am able to live my life more freely knowing I am taking care of my body from the inside and out. I feel unstoppable now and I know I can do whatever I set my mind too in order to accomplish goals. So I want to personally thank Sammy from the bottom of my heart for everything she has done for me and helped me with. 💜


This is perfect for you if you’re…

- The beginner, just looking to get started on their health journey. Whether you’ve tried different things in the past or this is your first time, this is meant for you.

- The entrepreneur who is trying to do it all and level up in ways they’ve never knew were possible. When your health and your own well-being is at the foundation of what you do, everything else falls into place allowing you to scale effortlessly, support seamlessly and prioritize taking care of the very thing you thought you didn’t have time previously to do – yourself.

- The juggler, the one who juggles life, work and family – all at the same time. Work life balance has always seemed like a struggle, leaving yourself last when it comes to what and who to prioritize, but not any longer. You actually can have work life integration all at the same time and it starts here.


Introducing… The Ultimate Wellness Kickstarter

The all-in-one, best toolkit designed and created with you in mind, to help kickstart your health and wellness journey once and for all.

Free of gimmicky diets, trendy restrictions and outdated methods! Instead, what you’ll get access to:


Motivation & Goal Setting 

  1. Goal setting starts with having your wellness vision brought to life and I’ll teach you exactly how to.

  2. Motivation vs. Consistency: the truth behind it and how to find it. You’ll get your exact roadmap to what drives your motivation and what helps you actually stay consistent including my exact method you can use slingshot your motivation when it’s low.

  3. SMART goals no more. I will teach you new wave goal setting and how to make it work for you with a mapped-out system.


Healthy Habits & Habit Hacks

  1. Take a deep dive into your personal habits and what has held you back and what needs reprogramming.
  2. Habits are the steppingstones to the goals you map out so using the habit loop system will help you break down even the most stubborn habits that have hung around for far too long and reprogram them so they work with you and not against.
  3. Utilizing habit hacks make them even easier for you. From mindset, to how you approach your habits to what you do, I’ll get you covered each step of the way with these insider simple secrets.


Healthy Routine Building

  1. Routines lock in those habits you’ve now built up, so what better time to create a routine based on what actually makes you work! You’ll be surprised at what you find and truly how specific this is meant for you and why I say it’s not a “one size fits all.” This is the missing piece you’ve needed.
  2. Let’s build your healthy day together from a whole mind and body standpoint. We will chat all about routines from your morning to evening, sleep habits, boundaries and much more. All the essentials to truly build a healthy routine.
  3. Now it’s time to integrate your new routine to fit your lifestyle. I’ll teach you the exact “how-tos, “ when and what’s recommended. This is all about making your new routine suite your life and the healthy journey you have begun, not force something that doesn’t work for you.

Environment Redesign

  1. Did you know there is a lot in your own environment from home to office space that drives a lot of your habits today? That’s why I will dive right into food psychology, why willpower is not the way and how focusing on your environment can truly change everything, down to the dinner you had last night. When you know this, you will feel so empowered and truly how simple this can be.
  2. Let’s redesign! I’ll teach you key strategies where you’ll never need to rely on willpower again and instead we will streamline your environment and simplify so the system you create is sustainable!
  3. Staple secrets and ways to build up your environment with my golden rule of thumb that will forever change the way you look at food – in the best way possible.


The Busy Persons Exercise

  1. It all starts in the mind and our psychology behind the way we view exercise. Get a fresh perspective in making exercise fun, enjoyable and something meant for you personally.
  2. When time is of the essence and it can be hard to fit in exercise, we will create a menu together of go-to simple exercises you can go back to in the most limited time.
  3. Just like your environment, we want exercise to be easily integrated into your days with ease. No more stressing out and doing things that feel like chores. Instead, we will get creative and go over exercise hacks how you can easily begin to integrate it back into your busy days.


Simple Nutrition

  1. Nutrition can feel so hard so let’s make it simple. I’ll dive into all the basics you need to know so you feel good when it comes to making your next food choice – whether in your own fridge, pantry or at the store.
  2. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be so time consuming or difficult. In this lesson Ill dive into quick healthy eating hacks meant for any busy lifestyle!
  3. When it comes to energy, relaxation, sleep, mood and productivity, we can all use some simple boosters. I will teach you all the boosters from foods to drinks that help with all the daily must-haves we want more of!


Valued at over $1200 now only $297 for lifetime access, that you can take at your own pace.

$1,200 NOW $297!

Jefanie - 1:1 Alumni

This opportunity has changed my life. I am so proud of myself and I could not have done it without you. I never knew I could live a healthy lifestyle until I went through your training. I do plan to keep up with it as much as possible. Especially with the yoga and eating healthy snacks. I have discovered a love for yoga that I did not know and I’m so happy about it. And my support team at home is very proud of me and they will also keep me accountable and want me to continue on working my goals and not fall back into old habits.

The extras that you’ll get within this self-paced course include:

✅ Guided video trainings for each lesson you can take at your own pace and apply as you go through each module

✅ Downloadable resources, tools and worksheets to help guide and apply the knowledge and strategies you learn

✅  Q+A ability: if you have any questions, you can drop it in the comments within the module on the course and be able to get a direct answer back to support you.

✅ Bonus resource included: The Simple Smart Planner, an interactive planner and calendar you can use on your phone, computer or print out for your desk or home fridge. This planner helps you stay motivated with just a glance and gives you a direct plan that will make it easy to stay committed to the goals and intentions you set.


Imagine this…

Getting healthier was actually simple and not all complicated like so many other people or media have made it out to be

What if you no longer struggled with old habits that don’t seem to quit

You actually followed through, were consistent and proud of yourself for getting healthier when in years past you always said you would (or wanted to) but never did

You felt truly confident not in yourself but in your choices from the foods you eat to the routines you build because they were all designed for you

You were able to prioritize yourself, once and for all, no longer putting yourself last but put yourself first and were able to take better care of others, perform better in your job and feel better all because you made that decision and did something about it

This is all possible.

And it starts here.

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