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You don't know what to eat that feels best for your body, that you actually enjoy, and is easy to make because you don't have a lot of time.


Have no shame because implementing healthier foods into your diet has never been easier. 

This is where to start.


You’ve been trying to figure it out on your own and when you feel like you have no time to focus on what you’re eating, there’s one thing that’s for sure, eating healthy continues to be a big challenge for you yet here you are - ready to start eating healthier and feel the difference healthy eating will make in your life!


Take the guesswork out immediately - starting with

The Healthy & Simple Snacks Vault!


You will be able to start feeling your best with things you already have in your pantry and fridge! And guess what? If you don’t have it, swap it! Within minutes, you’ll be able to create simple snacks that you can eat while you work at home, take on the road or use on a weekend - for any type of snack you’ll actually enjoy. From sweet tooth crushers to high protein and ready-made snacks, you’ll have healthy snacks for any occasion.


The number #1 question I get asked is “what are some healthy snacks I can eat that are easy and quick?”

That’s why I made this snack vault for you! These combinations are simple and easy to customize for anyone limited on time and who are busy, high performers like yourself who need this support but haven’t been able to focus on it! Now you can go into your week knowing exactly what to eat, confident with your snack plan and in under 5 minutes or less - prepare easy ideas that you can plug-n-chug no matter what taste you are craving!

I've been needing this!

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"I'm loving all the new recipes! I'll take pics of some goodies I'm making this week!"       

- Arianne



I’m Sammy, Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach for high performers like you and founder of the holistic mission based company, Simply Wellness. I am here to help you take ownership of your health and wellness in ways that feel good and is enjoyable! Because if we are talking about finding something healthy that is sustainable for the long-term, you have to enjoy what you are doing and eating while keeping it simple so it’s functional for your lifestyle.

Why does it matter? After years of working in this field with hundreds of patients & clients later and being a high performer, entrepreneur and CEO myself, one of the first things to be sacrificed for success while managing work and life is your health and wellness! And the more you are able to prioritize and integrate wellness back into your life, the happier and healthier you’ll feel! This in turn lets you be more energized, productive, perform and support better in all your roles with the many hats you wear.

You could be DROOLING too...


"I'm DROOLING over these recipes!! I showed some of them to my mom, too, and we are going to make one or two of them for dinner this week!"


I NEED this, I want it!

This is perfect for you if you’re…

  • The high performer who is trying to manage it all - work, life, name it leaving you with minimal time to prioritize what you eat and how you’ve been taking care of yourself. You may be finding yourself skipping most of your meals and then binging at dinner and with late night snacks.


  • The busy entrepreneur, who has little time to cook or plan between work obligations including launches, writing emails and managing clients / projects. You may find yourself not eating consistently and resorting to food delivery that is quick and easy but doesn’t leave you feeling energized or satisfied.


  • The time crunched parent who wears all the hats! You may be finding yourself snacking on what you prep for your kids or skip eating altogether between calls, commitments you’ve made to others and scheduled appointments leaving you little to no time to think about what you’re going to eat or do for yourself...until you finally have your downtime at night.


Ultimately, you need healthy snack ideas that are easy, simple and time saving that will keep you energized during the day and satisfied even at night, starting with this Snacks Vault. It’s the perfect step to take to learn and immediately implement the simplicity of eating healthy and how it will leave you feeling so much better!


Dive into The Ultimate Healthy
and Simple Snacks Vault!

In the Snacks Vault , you’ll not only get 101 ideas you can plug-n-chug to meet any busy lifestyle, but you’ll find a combinations of easy ideas for any nutritional or food preference including:

A mix of gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, high protein, high fat, low calorie, sweet tooth crushers, ready made, travel friendly and simple 1 minute recipe options you can make just by walking into your kitchen now!

All organized into 7 easy-to-follow sections broken down into the following categories:

Easy and Simple - Crunchy - Sweet - Frozen

High Protein - Travel - Ready Made

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The Ultimate Healthy and Simple Snacks Vault 

Yup, I need this!


Within this, it features a lot of no-bake snacks, simple combos and my favorite travel friendly #DietitianApproved snacks you can use anywhere in a pinch!

Valued at over $199 now only $27 for lifetime access, that you can use at any time!

$199 NOW $27!
You’ll also get:

āœ…  Access to the Simple Nutrition Community where you can share your snack favorites, ask questions and get support from others who are also on a similar journey as you! 

āœ… Download capabilities to store on your computer or print PDF version for easy reference in your kitchen!

āœ… Infinite snack ideas you can make effortlessly with just one swap using the ideas you’ll find in the vault! Swap out similar items for a favorite of yours and you have a new combination to keep healthy eating exciting and enticing!


Imagine this…


  • Healthy snacks were your new, easy go-to snack you didn’t have to think about but you just intuitively incorporated because it was apart of your lifestyle
  • Snacking was easy, satisfying and left you energized rather than dragged down and tired
  • You no longer had bingeing habits of snacking on what feels like endless chips, crackers and sweet treats because you actually felt satisfied from what you were eating
  • You had the time to take care of yourself, starting with what you ate for snacks on an everyday basis because it was so quick and effortless
  • You no longer needed to try to figure out how to eat healthy but it just came easy and simple to you in a way you actually enjoyed...out it

This is all possible. And it starts NOW!

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